buzzer picture
Click play to see a short video of the Giant Buzzer game
Three buzzes & you're out!

It's a race against time. The heartbeat is ticking, louder and faster.
Will it buzz? Won't it buzz?
Friends laughing … Oh the nerves !!!

The giant steel hand measures 30" high (770mm) and the aim of the game is, using the looped wand very carefully move around the hand from one side to the other, without touching the hand.

At the start of each game, you have 3 lives which are displayed by the illuminated lights which are on the top of the base unit.

Whilst travelling around the hand, you will also hear a 60 second heart beat timer which will progressively get faster.

Every time the handle touches the hand, you will hear a warning sound and one of the red lights will go out. Should you touch the hand 3 times, then all 3 lights will go out, followed by a very distinctive failure sound, which signals that the game is over. However, should you manage to travel around the hand without using all 3 lives, then you will be greeted with a fanfare of trumpets.

Hire the Giant Buzzer from only £25 or only £15 if hired with a castle!!

To see the Giant Buzzer in action watch the short video by clicking the play button.

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