Didicars & Walk 'n Rides

Didicar is a unique self propelled "ride on toy" for children (however adults can ride it too!!).

Robust enough to take riders up to 16 stone.
Didicar is safe and ideal to use indoors or outdoors but only on any hard, smooth and flat surface.

Didicars are just plain FUN!!

Riders from 3 years to, well there is no upper limit, will have lots of fun on the only "ride on toy" for children that both the child and the parents can have fun on at the same time at the same level.
Simply turning the wheel left and right moves the Didicar, no need for pedals (or feet for that matter). Watch the Didicar video.

Walk ‘n Ride

For toddlers & children from 12 months to 3 years we have Walk ‘n Ride, it's a unique Walking Trainer and Ride On toy.
Watch the Walk ‘n Ride video.

Didicar Hire Options

1. Hire 4 Didicars & 2 Walk ‘n Rides for £25 or only £15 if hired with a castle!!

2. Hire 12 Didicars and 2 Walk 'n Rides for £75 or only £25 if hired with a castle!!

To hire the Didicars call REDy2bounce on 01824 704035 or 07773 555414 or email us through the Contact Form on the Contact page.

Why not hire extras like the Didicars, the Giant Buzzer, the Sumo Suits, the Giant Mega 4 Garden Game, the Splat Game or the Interactive Table Game at a specially reduced price if you hire them with a Castle.

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