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Why not hire extras like the Didicars, the Giant Buzzer, the Sumo Suits, the Giant Mega 4 Garden Game, the Splat Game or the Interactive Table Game at a specially reduced price if you hire them with a Castle.

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Giant Mega 4 Garden Game

The traditional game resized to giant proportions!

Great fun for players and spectators alike!

Giant Mega 4 requires strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck. Players take turns to drop their counters into the frame with the intention of forming a line of 4, whilst doing so they must also prevent their opponent from making a line with their counters.

Traditionally this game is played by two players; one player on each side, however you can make teams and have more than two players to create a more involved and competitive game.

Do you have the ability to think a couple of moves ahead of everyone esle? If so, this classic game of Mega 4 is for you ... be a winner every time.

You'll know just exactly how much fun you're in for when you hire the Giant Mega 4 having played so many times in the back of the car with 'travel connect 4', but now with its giant size, the loveable classic is even greater fun for all ages.

Hire the Giant Mega 4 Game for £25 or only £15 if hired with a castle!!

To book the Game call REDy2bounce on 01824 704035 or 07773 555414 or email us through the Contact Form on the Contact page.