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Why not hire extras like the Didicars, the Giant Buzzer, the Sumo Suits, the Giant Mega 4 Garden Game, the Splat Game or the Interactive Table Game at a specially reduced price if you hire them with a Castle.

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Adult Sumo Suits

The foam packed Super Sumo Suits will make you the size of a huge clumsy Japanese wrestler. Head protectors, in the style of the traditional Sumo hair cuts are compulsory.

The official object of the game is to either push, pull, trip, or throw your opponent out of the circle on the thick well padded, 15' x 15' mat, or force them onto their back. 'Splatting' your fallen opponent is usual Super Sumo etiquette.

Huge fun for parties, fundays, family get togethers, BBQ's etc. This is really such a fun item to have, as the audience has as much fun watching as the participants.

These suits have been specially designed with the utmost safety in mind, but as well as that they are also designed for ease of use.

So throw some salt over your shoulder shout "Yusho" and you are ready to go.

Hire the Sumo Suits from only £70

To book the Sumo Suits call REDy2bounce on 01824 704035 or 07773 555414 or email us through the Contact Form on the Contact page.