Why not hire extras like the Didicars, the Giant Buzzer, the Sumo Suits, the Giant Mega 4 Garden Game, the Splat Game or the Interactive Table Game at a specially reduced price if you hire them with a Castle.

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Splat Game

SPLAT! is an amazing and fun Chase The Lights Game where two players race to press the light before their opponent.

Great fun for players and spectators alike!

Each player has a circle of lights that light up one at a time, the aim of the game is to press the light that is turned on before your opponent.

The faster you press the lights, the faster they light up.

Suitable for all ages as it plays slowly for young children and very fast for the video game Ninjas!

This game is great at any fun day, corporate event, wedding, youth club, birthday party or any other event you may be having.

SPLAT! is built into a sturdy flightcase and is mains powered.

Hire the Splat Game for £25 or only £15 if hired with a castle!!

To book the Game call REDy2bounce on 01824 704035 or 07773 555414 or email us through the Contact Form on the Contact page.